Forza d'Agrò

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TaoBook the blog conducted of who live around Taormina, for who around Taormina want to live on vacation. Its represents only a small part of what the area around it offers in terms of natural beauty, archaeological sites, beaches and anything else a traveler wants to find to enrich his travel experience. Savoca, Forza D’Agrò, Giardini-Naxos, Etna, Gole dell’Alcantara represent only a small part of the places that are within a 30Km radius.

Taobook will offer you the information to take advantage of all this through articles, photos, videos and route maps and, if you do not find the experience for you, send us a message with your preferences or travel ideas and you will have your experience built around your needs.

Sicily Taormina and surrounding in october 2019
Sicily Taormina and surrounding in october This year in Sicily in Taormina and surrounding in October, summer seems want not
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Trip to Etna organized of yourself
If the idea is a trip to Etna organized of yourself, is need to know that Etna offer many choose
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Waterfront of Taormina
The territory of the Municipality of Taormina extends for several square kilometers but, the center of Taormina does not really
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Taormina set of films
Taormina in the past years was a set of different films whose scenes, short or long, were shot in its
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Trappitello-Taormina 2019 Carnival
Trappitello is the largest village in Taormina surrounded by nature, large spaces, gardens with orange and lemon trees. As in
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Villa Bellini in Catania 13-03-2019
Taormina and Catania have always had a close connection since the times when in the Taorminesi clubs people danced and
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